108 www.gogreen-project.eu or climate change. Therefore, the company has no sustainability plans in place and has not yet begun moving towards a green business model. In fact, the company business practice is heavily reliant on paper, employees use paper to record every client engagement and transaction. Notes are taken, documents prepared, and memos generated – all printed and filed away! We are excellent record keepers and large consumers of paper and paper products. The company’s lack of investment in ICT and e-conferencing facilities has resulted in all client consultation taking place face-to-face with spiraling travel and meeting costs being faced by the company as they have grown. The company’s carbon footprint is estimated to be high. Your tasks The Simulation involves your placing in particular roles according to the scenario that you have to act out. Three main roles are entailed in the current scenario: [1] Business owners, [2] Office manager [3] Environmental Officer In the current scenario, the three (3) roles (Business owner, the Office Manager and the Environmental Officer) are planned to be represented by groups of 3 (or more) participants, who will argue for their interests, but they will speak out as a single delegate. You may have the floor and advise your group delegate both before and during the role-play, adding useful key-points in the discussion if and whenever necessary. All delegates are aware of the climate change issue and its impact but for different reasons. Some will have strong opinions of environmental protection and emissions reduction actions, whilst others will have limited knowledge and motivation for action and will be more concerned about the potential loss of revenue and the worsening of their interest by taking no actions against climate change. Even though the emotional environment for the three role players is not necessarily confrontational or particularly divisive, it is a discussion with competing points of view that reveals the missing opportunities and the pros and cons of the current situation within the company. I In the end, without common agreement, the company management (i.e., the business owner) sees no reason to change and maintains the status quo, or alternatively acknowledges the benefits and opportunities that are missed if keep using that amount of paper, produce too much waste and not include a change of the business policy in its plans going forward. Warm up Activity Sheet 1) TRUE or FALSE Please divide into groups of 3 and try to answer the following questions in turns: a) Burning fossil fuels, in combination with destruction of carbon sinks due to deforestation and other activities, has contributed to more and more carbon dioxide building up in the atmosphere. True or False