107 www.gogreen-project.eu Your participation in the role-playing simulation workshop will allow you to explore realistic situations by interacting with others in a managed way in order to develop experience and try different strategies in a supported environment. You might be playing a role similar to your own (or likely one that you will perform in the future), or you could play a different one but part of the conversation or interaction that is developed around the business environment. Both options provide the possibility of significant learning, with the former allowing valuable experience to be gained and the latter encouraging you to develop a better understanding of the situation from another point of view. In any case, through the structured role-playing, you will get exposed to different sets of opinions and come across multiple perspectives to consider within a challenging environment. Learning objectives The main objective of this role-play simulation workshop is to help you to: Increase your understanding on the following areas: − missed opportunities for organizational cost reduction − business policy change and green business strategies − corporate green image and CSR − risks of penalty-fines due to increased GHG emissions − missed opportunities to improve CSR of your company through actions related to GHG emissions and waste management and Develop your key interpersonal competencies and skills such as: − Critical thinking − Problem-solving based on real-life scenarios − Negotiation skills − Collaboration − Judgment and decision-making Scenario The Company decides to make no change at business policy The hypothetical medium-sized accountancy company has been working for over 20 years in the accountancy sector in Europe with 10 employees. We have a diverse range of clients across many agricultural, manufacturing and services sectors and the size of our customers range from sole-traders (self-employed individuals) to family-run businesses. We provide the following services: secretarial services, bookkeeping services, management accounting, financial statements for all legal entities, advisory, consultation and due diligence, tax related services, and payroll. The company has grown significantly over the past 10 years in terms of staff headcount from 10 employees to more than 100, turnover and client numbers. The company provides reliable, cost-effective solutions and up until recently had a good reputation in the business community regarding the quality of the services provided, but it is now becoming a low-tech operator and has not embraced technology or sustainability practices like many of its competitors and this is beginning to impact on customer retention and attracting new business. The company’s reputation is declining along with its CSR profile. Even though the accountancy company has heard of the imminent climate crisis, the EU Green Deal, COP26 event and all related activities set at National and EU level, but it has prioritized other business strategies such as growth and has not focused its attention on the impact its activities are having on the environment