100 www.gogreen-project.eu Based on the feedback received from the debrief discussion, you may elaborate on learning tasks, clarify misunderstandings, or make adjustments for future role-plays. You can facilitate the debriefing discussion by asking questions such as: − How do you feel about your results? How do you come across any difficulties (or ease/possibility) to achieve them? − To what extent did your proposals produce the result you expected, or hoped for? Why or why not? − What impact do you envision the result you achieved will have on the interests you were representing? − To what extent is the result you achieved feasible? From an economic standpoint? A political standpoint? A social/technical/cultural standpoint? [3] Reflection Acknowledge the overall emotional involvement of participants, whose selfreflection can be integrated throughout the role-play and after each stage. In this way, you can have a far better and more rounded picture of how the activity has been developed. Participants need to think about answers on specific questions. To find and pose the right questions, you must consider what is important to be discussed after the role-play. Examples for questions to ask are: − How did the attitudes affect you? − What do you think you did well?