The GoGreen Toolkit with Policy & Practice Recommendations is produced in 5 languages (EN, EL, ES, IT and CS) and it consists the following sections:

    1. The GoGreen project rationale and approach
    2. Findings from our focus groups
    3. Collection of best practice examples – Implementing GoGreen in each partner country
    4. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the GoGreen project & the green economy
    5. Our policy recommendations – lessons learned from each partner country

The Toolkit with Policy and Practice Recommendation includes recommendations and practices derived from the implementations conducted in each partner country. Even though in each partner country, the situation in relation to the field of VET and green economy may differ it is interesting to combine all countries’ recommendations and then adjust them to the national the context that they can be beneficial and of great value, as there are concepts and practices mentioned in a country that eventually, comply with another national context as well. The document is designed to be downloaded from the project website here.