The GoGreen focus group held in Greece on Tuesday 19th of July 2022, was an online session at the Zoom meeting platform that lasted approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Participants received an email invitation including basic information about the objectives, benefits and implications of the project. In total, 11 people attended the focus group, mostly trainers, educators, representatives of private enterprises and relevant green economy stakeholders. The participants agreed upon the practicality of the GoGreen training package for the private entities, businesses and other professionals working in various sectors impacted by the Green Economy. Overall, the project was characterized as a source of great inspiration for them and was interpreted as a precious opportunity to address the substantial shortage of knowledge within the business community and among Greek entrepreneurs about the philosophy of the Green Economy and its potential dynamic. Also, during the constructive discussion developed at this focus group, it has been clearly expressed that the GoGreen project is perceived as a mean to address the unfortunate fact that trainers and business community miss the proper tools and, thus, are hesitant to invest in Green Economy practices. Before the end of the focus group, participants highlighted also the need for more incentives to be provided, despite they truly realize the significant benefits and the positive impact that Green Economy can have to their businesses.