152 www.gogreen-project.eu In the case of this scenario, the Environmental Consultant has been invited by the management to the project meeting to give some not-binding advice and his/her point of view in any question that may arise during the meeting. Role [3]: The Local Community Representative The regional association representing the interests of the local community consists of people who are passionately concerned with the protection of their natural area. Well aware of the negative consequences of the abrupt expansion of industry into their region during the last decades, the local community representative suggests that the scenario’s business activity further decreases the quality of the local environment and contributes to its deterioration and the air pollution. Many of the nearby residents feel that their environment and natural world should be protected at any cost. Therefore, they keep putting pressure on local authorities to take action by scrutinizing operations, GHGs production and waste management across local agricultural businesses, imposing penalty-fines to those that do not invest in new technologies and/or abstain from using cleaner energy. The association through its representative also requires some regular official information by businesses of their region with detailed reports on their footprint measurements and the fossil fuels consumption, along with any future plans for investment in eco-oriented products and operations. Role [4]: The Company Staff Representative The company staff comes from a great variety of education and cultural background. When hired, they are in general committed to several core values from the company like: respect, knowledge, cooperation and continuous improvement. But on the other side, the staff is also satisfied with how things are currently working, along with the systems and procedures that have been in place for years, and even if they are aware of the importance of environment and sustainability, it is not an issue at the top or very high in their priority list. The current scenarios’ staff is the main target audience whose behaviour the Company Owners wish to positively influence because they are actually responsible for putting any plan into action and applying the practices directed by the leadership team.