150 www.gogreen-project.eu Warm up Activity Sheet Please match appropriately the first column parts with the right ones in the second column: 1. Quantify carbon footprint A. Penalty-fine due to increased GHGs 2. Invest in energy saving B. Align personal and corporate values 3. Improved competitive advantage and sustainability C. Install solar panels and renewables to substitute fossil fuels with electricity 4. Energy produced by burning fossil fuels D. Develop CSR strategy, build corporate green image and inform stakeholders 5. Staff training about climate change E. Innovative packaging without plastic and decreasing shipping distances 6. Apply green policy practices F. Measure business GHG emissions After crossing the right parts, please, verify your choices here: 1. → _____ 2. → _____ 3. → _____ 4. → _____ 5. → _____ 6. → _____