133 www.gogreen-project.eu company itself by providing opportunities for cost reduction. In this way, they will create a cost optimization culture within the company and harness cost reductions to improve the overall corporate strategy. Along with that, the company intends to focus on improving its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, reputation and profile, by adopting a more responsible way of action. This will lead to an improvement of its respective CSR image in the market. Following a strategic Corporate Social Responsibility, the company will be able to reduce its ethical, environmental, and social impacts to achieve a sustainable goal and common mission among its staff. Your tasks The Simulation involves your placing in particular roles according to the scenario that you have to act out. Three main roles are entailed in the current scenario: [1] The marketing agency business owners [2] The marketing agency managers [3] The marketing agency staff Each of these groups is planned to be represented by one participant, who will argue for his/her group’s interests, but he/she will speak out as a single delegate. You may have the floor and advise your group delegate both before and during the role-play, adding useful key-points in the discussion if and whenever necessary. You may play your role either as individual or a member of a specific group, according to your trainer’s instructions, who will pose specific questions to you so as to facilitate the discussion and proceed faster to the negotiations stage and the final decision about the scenario.