131 www.gogreen-project.eu Scenario 3 Trainees’ Handout Title of the simulation activity The Company decides to invest in staff behaviour about GHGs emissions and waste Duration 2 - 3 hours Summary/overview Businesses across the globe, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), are responsible for taking action in the climate change challenge. As companies, and particularly SMEs, should start responding to climate change, and they lack the skills or the competencies to set appropriate targets and act in the right direction, more training is needed. Specifically, the companies need guidance about the ways they can promote appropriate behaviour among staff on how to efficiently use energy and manage waste production, leading to reduced costs. To achieve this, they need to be able to recognize individual and corporate sustainability values to align them with each other. The values are the foundation for the establishment of a common sustainability-related goal. Based on these values and the specific goal set, the companies can draft and design an awareness strategy that indicates all the actions to be taken: the ways the business staff can contribute to saving energy and reducing waste production, the practices that can raise their awareness and align personal with corporate values, along with specific training opportunities on how they can build relative competencies. In the same context, it is important that a strategy is built for increasing the Corporate Social Responsibility of the business unit (internally and externally), actively involving the staff in the process. This will result in the improvement of the corporate market image and long-term reputation of the business. GoGreen offers you the opportunity to participate in a simulation-based training workshop in the form of role-play which will help you acquire the competences required to understand how to invest in staff training on using energy efficiently. You will also receive information about energy and waste production and Corporate Social Responsibility. Your participation in the role-play simulation workshop will allow you to explore realistic situations by interacting with other people in a managed way to develop experience and try different strategies in a supported environment. You might be playing a role similar to your own (or likely one that you will perform in the future), or you could play a different one but part of the conversation or interaction that is developed around the business environment. Both options provide the possibility of significant learning, with the former allowing valuable experience to be gained and the latter encouraging you to develop a better understanding of the situation from another point of view. In any case, through the structured role-play, you will get exposed to different sets of opinions and come across multiple perspectives to consider within a challenging environment. Learning objectives The main objective of this role-play simulation workshop is to help you to: Increase your understanding on the following areas: