96 www.gogreen-project.eu − Reduce costs by training the staff on how to use efficiently energy − Raise awareness of energy consumption and waste production − Avoid penalty-fines − Increase corporate green image − Improve competitive advantage - first mover advantage − Encourage innovation of new green products and services − Provide stakeholders information Preparation for the role-play [1] Introduction to the role-play simulation and goals − Provide the handout to trainees and introduce the scenario case − Decide or ask from trainees to form 4 groups of 3 (or more) participants each, corresponding to the scenario roles − Explain the procedure to trainees [2] Roles’ assignments to the groups Provide detailed information for the 4 roles to be played in the scenario. You may give the appropriate Role Card to each group: − - Business owners − - Environmental expert − - Regional association representative − - Staff representative c) Explain to participants what their tasks are as delegates. At this point it will be helpful to distribute the Question Sheet for each role to the respective group and provide a few minutes for 20 minutes ● In-person event: - Stationery (pens, paper, envelopes, folders, etc.) ● Role-play online: An online platform offering a “breakout room” feature (e.g., Zoom Meetings). Trainees’ handout Role Cards Question Sheets for each role Additional information that helps trainees in their decisions Tips for Briefing Describing roles – characters of the simulation Number of participants and Groups