92 www.gogreen-project.eu wish to positively influence, as they are actually responsible for putting any plan into action and applying the practices directed by the leadership team. Case Flow First, the facilitator/trainer introduces the case, then describes the key contextual details of the scenario and provides detailed information of the roles/characters to be played. The scenario’s business represented by its owners initiates the role-playing by shortly explaining their strategic plan for their GREEN Project meeting presentation to the staff representative, where an external Environmental Consultancy expert/professional has been invited along with the Local Community Representative. This group attempts to negotiate with other actors/groups, supporting the business interests. The rest delegates (i.e., the staff representative, the Environmental expert and the local community representative) engage in role-playing by the same token. All participants are allowed to advise their group delegate both before and during the role-play, adding useful key-points in the discussion if and whenever necessary. Specific questions are asked to each group/delegate, so as to facilitate the discussion and the first phase of negotiations that will lead faster to the participants’ final decisions about the scenario. Such questions are: ● [for business owners] Is it possible to measure, monitor and manage the business carbon emissions? How can we assess the monetary or any indirect benefits of turning to cleaner energy and investing in the GHG management and energy savings? What technologies can be used? How innovative can we be? Which are the fixed and variable costs of our company? How much will it cost if we proceed to the changes proposed and will it support our operations or bring additional risks instead? What costs are going to be reduced? How will this practice increase our competitive advantage? What are the corporate values regarding sustainability? How can we evaluate our current CSR and green strategy? What are the benefits of having a green-oriented CSR strategy? What should be included in the environmental aspect of our CSR strategy to increase our green image? Is there any skills deficit within our staff about following the GREEN Project and altering our business practices? And if we have to upskill, what will be the cost and what will be the benefits? How can we involve the staff in the creation of a common strategy for energy saving and waste reduction? How can we determine if the staff would support such a move or change? How to provide the right information to stakeholders? ● [for the environmental expert] Is it possible to measure, monitor and manage the business carbon/GHG emissions? At what cost can this be implemented? Are there incentives suggested to the regional business that encourage its investment on cleaner energy, GHG management and energy savings? Are there any public funding schemes/options that could help some of the proposed actions? Can we highlight the benefits of the sustainable transition and motivate the business owners (management) to consider this approach, including the avoidance of penalties? ● [for the local community representative] What actions need to be done to ensure that the regional environment and natural world are protected? How to increase pressure on local authorities to act against violations of regional businesses (penalty-fines) in terms of emissions and waste that causes environmental issues? Are there any official reports by the business to provide adequate information to stakeholders describing